GTA 6 To Feature 6 Wanted Levels?

As the news pops out for GTA 6 release date which is set to be 2017, here comes another news for one of the main GTA series feature, “The Wanted System”.

GTA 5 police system comes out with mixed reviews and the major change in police system was reduction in the stars which are given according the criminal activity of the character. GTA 5 has five wanted level system in the Game Play.

GTA 6 To Feature 6 Wanted Levels

Initially police use tasers rather than loaded fire arms, which is far more realistic – nobody has ever been shot to death for punching a guy and resisting arrest. As the wanted level rating increases, snipers are called in. Snipers!

Wanted levels in GTA VI is expected to return to 6 stars. In the previous series 6 wanted levels were available in GTA IV and then comes five wanted levels in GTA V with improved AI. Grant Theft Auto series is famous for all insane amount of violence which players had during the game play and all this excitement can be achieved through Wanted Levels only.

Various videos on Youtube are claiming that GTA VI is going to have 6 wanted levels.

With this news GTA VI is expected to bring lot of packages inside which will be admired by all the Grand Theft Auto Series Fans.

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