Virtual Reality Gameplay gta6 ?

Recently a new rumor related to the game started circulating. It has to do with Virtual Reality. There are rumors saying that GTA 6 will be compatible with Virtual Reality, and this is to say that players are likely to have the possibility to become a part of the game. This may sound like a fantasy right now, but remember that technologies are developing very rapidly nowadays – Sony, the company that makes PlayStation console, has announced that their next console will be compatible with Virtual Reality (VR). Moreover, the game’s of competitors, Gran Turismo, have also made public knowledge of the fact that the upcoming installment of the game will support VR. This in fact means that developers of GTA have no other option but to launch a game that supports VR or to aim even higher.

When it comes to the expected launch of GTA 6, we hear plenty of rumors related to its features. The online version GTA V and the company in charge of the development of the series – The Rockstar Games – get more attention than ever. Fans are wondering if the game will be a blend of the former games with an extra ability for players to teleport between locations, or will it rather stick to the tried and tested path without major changes. Or perhaps we will get a totally new and exciting version, who knows.

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