Diamond Heist update

Reddit user ‘TheFirmWare’ shared their theory on December 14, and it is based on another fan’s hypothesis regarding a curious design choice from Rockstar. A photo taken at the Diamond Casino Heist got attention on Reddit, after users started discussing possible reasons behind dividing the word ‘Service’. Suddenly the word ‘Vice’ became more obvious, which led a lot of fans to believe ether is a connection to Vice City, one of possible locations for GTA 6. “On the left side of the wall we can see DIAMOND written on top, and 510 on the bottom. If we put the bottom portions together we get “510 VICE”,” says the post. “Someone mentioned in the comments that they heard Madam Nazar (according to the new update) saying “I see numbers, 5, 1, 0, 2, 0”,” it goes on. “If we merge this with the previous finding, we get 5th October 2020 or 5/10/2020.

Can it be true that the Reddit user has come across a hidden gem in GTA V? Is it possible that Rockstar decided to include a hint so that fans have an idea about a possible future announcement. On the other hand, Rockstar quite often teases their fans, and this would not be the first case when someone gets too optimistic about the much-awaited sequel to the game. The anticipation to finally have GTA 6 remains high.

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